Thursday, 11 December 2008

Fabric Tray Tutorial

I've made these little fabric trays often over the years. In many different ways and sizes. Sometimes I sew the corners up or add ribbons to tie the corners together. This tutorial makes the trays by using a snap machine to add snaps to fasten the corners together.

You can make these trays any size you want. The large one I made from 15 inch squares with 3.5 inch sides . The small tray is made from 12.5 inch square with 3.5 inch sides. The fabric doesn't need to be square, it could also be a rectangle. You can vary the height of the sides easily to make trays as shallow or as deep as you like.

To make these trays you will need:
2 pieces of fabric ( in the photos they are 15 inch square)
1 piece of batting cut to the same measurement as the fabric.

Lay your fabrics right sides together on top of your batting.
Sew around the edge, leaving an opening to turn the tray through.
I used a quarter inch seam allowance.

Grade and clip the corners.
Turn the tray through. Push out the corners.
Give the tray a press with the iron

Topstitch around the tray,
catching the opening you turned the tray through in the stitching to close it.
A walking foot on your machine makes this job easier and neater.

Measure from your needle to the height you want the side of your tray to be.
I used 3.5 inches for mine.
Place a strip of masking tape on your machine bed at this measurement.
This is the guide for sewing the side.

Sew 3.5 inches from each side.
You are sewing four lines of stitching. These are the fold lines for your tray.

Here I'm sewing the third row of stitches.
Notice how this marks squares in the corners of the tray.

Now apply snaps with a snap machine to these corners.
If you don't have a snap machine you can sew snaps on.
If you are happy for your tray to not undo, you can also sew the corners together along the stitching lines.
Snap the snaps together and You have fabric trays.

Fill them with goodies for Christmas.
Fill them with lollies as a present for a teacher.


mirage said...

thanks for the tutorial, I was thinking it would make a nice tray at the front door for my sunnies and keys. and hubby would like one for all that lose change... I can add these to my Christmas list...thanks

frog said...

A nifty little tutorial. I've been *thinking* about making a set of these but not got round to visualising and setting it out. Thanks!

Tine said...

Thanks for the tutorial! These are really sweet ;)

Gill - That British Woman said...

thanks for the tutorial, those are really neat.

Gill in Canada

WendyCarole said...

Thanks for this. I had a tray similar to yours years ago and thought to make some more. I roughly had an idea how to do them and your tutorial confirmed this.

Dara Squires said...

Thanks so much for the pattern. I've had an idea in my head for ages to come up with something to put in the car for the kids to use as lap trays but was thinking it through all wrong.
Your pattern is a great help and now I think I know how I want to do it.
I'll get cracking on it once my Christmas crafting is done and send you the results!

Lone Jakobsen said...

Hi Tracy

Just found your blog - and here are a lot of things i can make - Due to your tutorials wich I like very much. Im new to this Quilting life here and can see I have lots to learn.I have only been sewing for about 2 years now.

Thank you for sharing all your very pretty work with all your readers on the blog. I'm surely going to make some of the things you have put on your tutorial list.

Big Hug from Lone
In Denmark

Anonymous said...

Oh I love these! What a brilliant idea & so easy to make. Thank you, Gracias, Merci!!!! You are a gem for sharing!!!!!
Brenda C.

Jennifer D said...

Hello. I found your blog by looking on how to make my own fabric tray/box for my girls closet (I'm cheap and if I can make something myself, I will). I, too, have 7 children (the 7th is due in Aug.) 10yrs and under, I home school the eldest 3, have a catering business with my husband, I LOVE to sew anything, and am quite mad myself! It is very nice to "meet" you! :0)

Jennifer D

Anonymous said...

I've been searching for projects to make and this was perfect. Very easy to follow, step by step- just fab as I'm still very new to sewing but having made this I am very pleased with the results- thank you!! keep posting