Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Babooshka style soft doll - FREE PDF DOLL PATTERN

Babooshka Style Soft Doll

If you've been reading my blog for a while you may remember this little lady:

I always intended making more and drawing up a pattern.

CLICK HERE FOR - FREE Babooshka Doll Pattern -PDF

Print out the pattern :

There are four pieces. Body, head, face and hair.

Off cut of woven fabrics. Nothing that will fray too easily.
Iron on paper backed webbing about a 10cm square piece.
Embroidery threads, pink and black.


Trace pattern for face and hair onto paper side of webbing. Cut out leaving a small border of webbing. Iron onto fabric. Cut head and hair out on the line.

2 of body from woven fabric
2 of head from woven fabric

Peel paper from face and hair and place onto one of the head pieces. Press to adhere.

Stitch close to the edge of face and hair with matching thread.

Draw with a pencil the facial features.

Embroider the face. Use back stitching for eyes, eyebrows and lips. Work two little stitches over each other for nose. Pupils and cheeks are french knots. and the lips are satin stitch.

seam allowance of 6mm included.

Sew each head piece to a body piece.

Place pieces right side together and sew around leaving an opening for turning and stuffing.
Clip seam allowance close to stitching, being careful not to snip through the stitching. I used my pinking shears.

Make sure you clip well into the curve of the neck.

Turn doll through opening in the seam. Stuff firmly.

Close opening with an overcast stitch. I find this stronger than a ladder stitch.
You can finish here or...


Stitch across the bottom corners of the doll to create and flat base.
Embellish the join between the head and the body with Daisy Chain or other trimmings.

Please distribute for free, no selling of pattern allowed.
Don't claim this is your work.
You are very welcome to make these dolls for sale.

Please leave a comment, if you do make one I'd love to see it.


Kris said...

So very cute! Thanks for sharing the pattern and tutorial Tracy

Gill - That British Woman said...

thanks for sharing Tracy, that is so cute.

Gill in Canada

Katie said...

How wonderful! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

that would adapt to a very cool hot water bottle cover...

eunice-eunice said...

I love this!

Khris said...

Thanks for sharing your pattern. I have put a link to you on my freebies blog if thats okay...Khris

Anonymous said...

Hello,nice post thanks for sharing?. I just joined and I am going to catch up by reading for a while. I hope I can join in soon.

Jeanne said...

This is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

Fleurette@ Fleur's place said...

I love these dolls, thanks so much for the pattern!

Anonymous said...

The dolls are adorable. Just found your site after entering Babushka doll patterns. Wow, I only have one child & rarely get anything done. You're amazing!! Thanks for sharing, love the pattern!