Friday, 11 November 2011

It's just not FAIR!

One of my children just loves to scream, "It's just not fair!"
Usually screamed at another sibling, or me, or just life as a whole.

Life really isn't fair.  Something I tell my kids often, a lesson they seem to be learning slowly.
Makes me ponder, why do many of us believe life should be fair?
Does it make us feel safe, by believing there is a set of fairness rules for life?

How my children deal with their perceived unfairness of life will be a test of their character and of my parenting.

I can finally see there are three ways I can deal with difficult moments in my life....

1. Rant, rave, scream. Make myself and everyone around me as miserable about the situation as possible.

2. Work to change the situation. Take inspiration from the adversity and make the most of it, as an opportunity to grow. Use it as the catalyst for change, that will make the world a better place.

3. Let go and move on.

I am much happier when I can accept that life is just not fair.

While I'm in a deep and meaningful mood....

I've discovered that:
I'm much happier when I'm not overwhelming myself with too much information.
I'm more creative when I'm not constantly on the net looking for inspiration.
When I focus on a few core things in my life,  I can achieve many things.
Simple doesn't mean easy. It's simple to lose weight eat less, exercise more... but is it easy?
Simple things are the most important things.