Thursday, 19 November 2009

Charm square Jewel shaped bag - FREE tutorial.

Charm Square Jewel Bag.

This is a little fiddly to do the first time but once you've worked it out it's pretty easy.

You need:
Lining fabric - (I'm using left over backing fabric from a quilt I'm working on)
Thin Quilt wadding or pellon (also left over from the quilt I'm working on)
22 five inch charm squares.
Fabric for handles and ties.

for the handles two pieces 20 inches by 3 inches
For the ties two pieces 1.25 inches by 12 inches. ( or you could just use some cord)


Sew 10 lots of 2 charm squares together.
Then sew them into four lots of strips with 4 squares
Then sew one square extra onto two of the strips.

You should have strips of the following:
two of 2 charm squares
two of 4 charm squares
two of 5 charm squares
Altogther 6 strips.

Press the strips with the seams going one way.
Then butt them up with the seams in opposite directions when you sew the strips together.

Sew the strips together. Taking careful note of the placement in the photo above.

Use the patchwork as a pattern piece and cut out the lining and the wadding/pellon.

Quilt the wadding/pellon and the patchwork together. NOT the lining.
I quilted mine in the ditch, along the seam lines of the patchwork.

You can spray baste or pin the wadding or Pellon together to prevent it moving as you quilt. I'm using a polyester wadding and it didn't move much so I didn't pin. But I don't recommend this if you aren't experienced at quilting.

Cut the straps. 20 inches by 3 inches.
Fold the long edges to the middle press and fold again and press. Enclosing the raw edges in the middle and making the strap 4 fabrics thick.

Stitch down both long edges of the straps.

Ties are cut 12 inches by 1.25 inches
Now do the same to the ties as you did to the straps, except only sew down the open side of the tie.

Pin the straps and ties into place. Refer to photo above. The ties go in the valley between the straps one on each side. Then baste them in place with machine stitching. ( I forgot to take a photo with the ties in place!)

Fold the patchwork in half as in the photo above.
Stitch as in the photo above. Along the side of the first square from the fold and then along the side along the first square after the valley. ( clear as mud!) Enlarge the photo if you aren't sure. My seams are in green thread so are clear to see.

Next squash the base together. Bring the two sewn seams so they meet at the end. As in the photo above and sew across the two squares to make the base of the bag. Use the photo to help

It should look like the above photo. Notice the green stitching.

Now sew the lining together the same way. It's easier the second time!

Place the lining into the bag. Right sides together.

Stitch across the top of the handles, as in the photo above.

Leave spaces for turning on both side valleys of the bag, so only sew across the front and back of the bag and leave gaps on both sides about 3 inches.

Trim across the points where the handles are joined.

Turn the bag through one of the openings.

Push the lining into the bag.
Top stitch around the top leaving little gaps at the side to hand stitch closed.
This is easier than trying to do it with the machine and creating puckers.

Tie the ties together to close the bag and you are finished!

This bag has a great shape.
Really handy if you love to knit as the top stays open to allow your wool to feed.

CLick HERE for a FREE PDF Download of these instructions

Copyright Information
You are free to distribute the tutorial.
You are free to make these for sale
Please do not claim this as your work.
Please do not sell this tutorial.

Please if you do make a bag let me know!
I would love to see it.
I'm getting a little sad.
I offer all these free tutorials but never get to see what others make!
If you love my tutorials and patterns please let me know it encourages me to write more!


Anonymous said...

I really like this pattern tracy, I will try and make one to show you.
(had trouble signing in to comment)
Helen Rooney

mistyeiz @ yvy said...

i LOVE ur tutes!!! i have to admit that i'm one of those ppl who have read many tutes but not done many. *hangs head in shame* but definitely going to add u to my blogroll. ;) thanks again...u're a gem!

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

Excellent post Tracy and really nice looking bag. I have a charm pack there and I am going to try this one, thanks for the inspiration.

Sandra said...

Just found your blog through 'Daily DIY' and added you to my faves!
Thanks for this great tutorial. I know who to make them for, now hoping I have enough time to make it before Christmas... Definately will let you know when I finish one! *G* I'm in love with this bag!!!

Anonymous said...

Tracy this is fab, I've been after a tute for this bag for a while now! Knew the pattern the squares go in, just not the finer points :)Thanks.
Actually came upon this through OnePrettyThing and thought- I know that blog!! LOL
Cheers, Sandy (from CM)

Anne said...

Hi there! I came across your tutorial, and fell in LOVE with this bag, so I had to make one. I changed the size though, to make it child-sized, and would love to show you pics of it. Your tutorial was amazing, and very easy to follow. Thank you so much!


Marceli said...

Great tutorial, and very cute bag. I like the "spin" on the very traditional charm square bag. Nicely done!

barb's creations said...

Fantastic tutorial.Will have to rummage through my charm packs and make up a couple a Chrissy gifts I think.I'll let you know when I've posted a pic of the finished bag/s on my blog so you can have a sqiz.A very well thought out tutorial :) Barb.

Anonymous said...

This is just wonderful. My daughter, who is 15, is showing an interest in sewing and wants to make a purse. I love that because I have enjoyed sewing for years. She and I have made pillows, though nothing detailed. Your design is great. Thank you so much for your detailed info. It is very helpful. You really explain and show us details to look for. Thank you!If we do make it we will share it with up. Keep up sharing!

mum said...

Its a beautiful bag pattern.I'm very much inspired to follow your instructions a make a bag like this.I also liked your profile,of a mother who finds her blog to be an escape from the grueling day to day household chores.I can understand your feelings because I too am a mother and a housewife ,who has her wings of creative imaginations like you.

Screamstress said...

Hi! I was browsing your blog and I'm thrilled to have found this tutorial - I bought one of these bags at the op-shop and was going to try to figure out its construction - but you've saved me the trouble! Thanks! If I give it a go after the silly season, I will be sure to link a post to you :)

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for a patch purse pattern
and I am going to try this Thanks.....

Anonymous said...

I just finished my bag. The tutorial was great. Thanks!!! Here is a link to the picture of my bag.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great tutorial! I stumbled upon this awhile ago, and knew I had to make (at least)one! Links to pics below...


Katie said...

I love this bag. I just finished making one.

Thank you so much for the tutorial.

Anonymous said...

by far one of the coolest purse patterns i've come across, thanx

Nancy said...

Just found your blog today as I was looking for a bandana bib pattern and am soooo going to make the charm bag too. When I do I'll let you know.

My masterplan is make things for fun and sell them on Etsy to try and fund my stash habit...

Anonymous said...

I saw this purse made a few years back at a craft store. Thought it was adorable. Was really excited when I found this website with directions on how to make it. Just made one and it turned out adorable. Thanks so much for sharing this tutorial. Your instructions were great and easy to follow!!! Thanks again!!!

Anonymous said...


Domina said...

My friend and I are each making this bag for our upcoming trip overseas. We're close to finishing and so excited about our bags!! We're tweaking a few details, but you can see the WIP at my blog here:

Anonymous said...

A person at a senior center made this bag and took credit for creating the pattern. She tried to teach it with minimal direction. I did make 2 of them however, it was very difficult to do. I am so glad to know that you are the creator and I can get the pattern so no more guess work. Thanks for the pattern. I love it and so do my girls. They are the ones that received the ones I made. Thank you,


Love this purse pattern. One thing I did differently was to leave an opening in the bottom of the lining to turn right side out. I stitched around the top opening, clipped the valleys, and turn right out, then topstitched around top edge.

sabira said...

Really a beautiful bag. Received good lot of compliments. Thanks for the tutorial. I'm new to blogging and posted it recently

Carmen Thimmig said...

Great tutorial! Easy to follow! I don't know how to post a picture of mine though :)