Saturday, 21 November 2009

FREE Spinners Lap Mat / Cloth Tutorial

Mad Quilter's
Spinner's Lap Mat (cloth)

I made this mat a couple of months ago with some curtain fabric.
The BLOG post is here
I'm finding it very useful, but it did get dirty very quickly.
So this time I'm making it from oilcloth.
I bought the oilcloth in a Crafty Mama's Special Buy on the Crafty Mama Forum

I designed this mat to protect my clothes from the fiber I was spinning and to hold my tools close so I don't have to bend down to reach them.
The loops are for hanging a flicker, yarn gauge, scissors and orifice hook from.
The pockets on the side are for holding fiber.

I promised to make one for Jane over at Moseley Park.
I love Jane's fiber!

Oilcloth 120cm wide by 30cm
30cm by 80cm of Backing fabric.
Upholstery fabric, backed curtaining, fleece, etc. Something with a little body and texture to it. This will stop the mat slipping off your lap as you spin.
72 cm of 1 inch wide webbing or trim for the hanging loops.
18cm of fabric at least 80cm wide for the binding.
A medium weight woven cotton fabric works well.
Bull dog clips or pegs for holding things together.
A sharp sewing needle.
Matching thread.

A few hints on sewing oilcloth
It sticks, a walking foot or teflon foot on your machine would help. I used my normal foot, it's just a little harder to sew.
Use a sharp needle
Set your stitch length to 3.5.
Sew slowly.
Don't pin it, it leaves permanent holes!


Cut a strip of 120cm wide oilcloth 30cm and cut it into:
one 30cm by 80cm and that will leave a piece 30cm by 40cm for the pockets.

Turn the pocket piece and fold it to make a crease line
Cut it into two pieces each should measure 15cm by 40cms

Fold over one long side of each pocket piece and use a long stitch length of 3.5.
Stitch a hem. This is the top of the pocket.

Fit the pockets to each end of the long strip. You need to add two pleats to the pocket pieces. Refer to photo above. The folded edges of the pleats should be pointed to the outside.
I used bulldog clips to position my pocket pieces, you can use pegs. Don't pin as this will leave holes in the oilcloth.

Sew the pocket to the oilcloth around the three unfinished sides.

Cut a length of webbing 36 cms long.

Place the tape 4 cms from and parallel to the pocket opening. Sew across the ends. Then in the middle and lastly into quarters as in the photo above. Distribute the excess tape evenly between the four sections. Creating 4 loops for hanging tools. Do this on both ends of the mat.

Cut the backing the same size as the mat. 3ocm by 80cm.

Place the backing and mat wrong sides together.
Use clips or pegs to hold the pieces together and sew all the way around to join the two pieces.

Binding strips are cut:
Two 34 cm by 6cm
Two 80cm by 6cm
Fold binding strips in half lengthwise and press with the iron.

Sew the binding strips to the long sides first.
Sew them to the back, use a 1cm seam allowance.

Flip the mat over and fold the binding over the edge enclosing the raw seams.
Stitch the binding into place from the front, about 2mm from the folded edge of the binding.

The bindings for the short sides are longer than the side. this is deliberate.
Center the binding leaving a 2cm overhang at each end.
Sew the strips as you did for the long sides.

Flip the mat over. Fold the extra ends of the binding in, then over the seam allowance, to create a finished end. This can be tricky. Sew the binding down as with the long sides.

And that's it your done!

It's OK to share this tutorial.
It's OK to make them to sell.
It's not OK to say this is your design and it's not OK for you to sell my instructions.
And it's not OK to post the tutorial anywhere on the net, a link to here would be very welcome.

I love comments!!


MoederKip said...

And another great tutorial!
I'm loving all this creative energy... but I do hope that you have some left for when the baby arrives :-)

Gill - That British Woman said...

what a neat thing that is. Great tip on using a walking foot when using the oil cloth, thanks for that.

Gill in Canada